I was a bit late to the shoot because the trains were messed up. When I arrived it already started to get dark, so we went to the rooftop to catch the last few minutes of the sun before it would set. I had heard a few songs of LQ Bucket before meeting up for this session, but I didn’t realize how raw his songs really were. It felt right for the series. It was the shortest session so far. We were done within 20 minutes. I love the outcome. Hope you enjoy it too!

Shot and recorded live in Fort Greene, Brooklyn on October 9, 2014

Artist: LQ Bucket  (lqbucket.com)
Song: Black Country Hair

Direction & Camera: Stephan Knuesel  (knuesel.net)
Sound Mix: J.Allen  (joshallensound.com)
Production: Thom Pictures

© 2015 Thom Pictures Inc. & LQ Bucket


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