“Middle-Aged Man” by PIMO
September 27, 2014

Sept 27, 2014 –”Hey Middle-Aged Man, do you wanna touch my boobs?” Meet PIMO (Pixy Yijun Liao and Moro Takahiro), a Brooklyn based toy rock duo and artist couple. Living in an “experimental relationship” they create work which plays with stereotypes, gender roles and sexuality. Above all though it’s humorous. When I asked them where they would like to shoot their “Record New York” session, they suggested Coney Island, which is a 5 minute subway ride from their home. The first song they rehearsed beforehand, so we were able to film it in just a few minutes. I asked them whether they would like to perform a second song. They reluctantly agreed, with the warning of possibly not fully remembering all the words. The video starts with them trying to remember the lyrics. Enjoy a charming rendition of “Middle-Aged Man” by PIMO!


Shot and recorded live in Coney Island on September 27, 2014

Artist: PIMO  (pimoband.com)
Song: Middle-Aged Man

Direction & Camera: Stephan Knuesel  (knuesel.net)
Sound Mix: J.Allen  (joshallensound.com)
Production: Thom Pictures

© 2014 Thom Pictures Inc. & PIMO


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