Meet Tica Douglas, a singer / songwriter based in Greenpoint Brooklyn. I was introduced to Tica through her partner Gracie Pizzo who is a fellow filmmaker and former collaborator (thanks Gracie!). Tica’s music has a nostalgic and intimate feel which I instantly responded to. Her lyrics pulls us into her personal world of confessions with a search for identity and gender. It’s artists like Tica who uses her art to communicate her feelings to the world in her own art, who inspire me to keep documenting the creative spirit that is New York. Thank you Tica for meeting with me and for taking part in this little passion project of mine. -Stephan Knuesel

Shot and recorded in Greenpoint Brooklyn on July 27, 2015

Song: I Didn’t
Artist:Tica Douglas

A Film by: Stephan Knuesel (
Sound Mix: J.Allen (
Production: Thom Pictures

RECORD NEW YORK is a series created by filmmaker Stephan Knuesel.

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