September 3, 2014 – J.Allen and I often collaborate on film projects, where he either records or mixes the sound. One day he mentioned his upcoming performance at “Pianos” in the Lower East Side, as part of the CMJ Music Marathon. I had never heard his music before. This was maybe 3 years ago. I was curious, so I went. While J. had struck me as a calm and perhaps more reserved person on film sets, on stage to my surprise, he turned into a passionate performer who could draw you with ease into his personal world of dreamy songs. It was such an unusual way to be introduced to someone’s music. While on his recordings he often also plays all the instruments, the live versions are more raw and simply voice, guitar and harmonica. I really enjoy hearing both versions.

A great interview with J.Allen on Discosalt
Music video for “O My Love” (2012)


Shot and recorded live in Bedford-Stuyesant on September 27, 2014

Artist: J.Allen  (
Songs: Bring Her Back Home

Direction & Camera: Stephan Knuesel  (
Sound Mix: J.Allen  (
Production: Thom Pictures

© 2014 Thom Pictures Inc. & J.Allen
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