August 20, 2014 – Looked for locations around Williamsburg to film a performance with Yusuke Ono. This is the first video we shot, right by the water near the former Domino Sugar factory. Yusuke Ono came from Tokyo to New York earlier this year to perform for the first time outside of Japan and looking for new inspiration in New York. He regularly performed as a street artist around Williamsburg during his stay here. He was also doing a few impromptu performances at Bassanova Ramen (New York’s best ramen place!) where I was introduced to him. Yusuke Ono is currently back in Japan, where he performs in the Tokyo area. Very glad I got to meet him.

Shot and recorded live on the Williamsburg Bridge on August 20, 2014

Direction & Picture: Stephan Knuesel
Location Sound: Maisya Tezuka
Sound Mix: J.Allen
Production: Thom Pictures

2014 ©Thom Pictures, Inc. & Yusuke Ono

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