“Shunji Yamada regularly plays the piano at the cozy Haden Book store hidden away in one of those side streets in Omotesando. If you are in the area you should find out when he plays, stop by, read some books, drink some tea and listen to his nostalgic piano tunes. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Thanks Shunji for allowing me to film your performance.” –Stephan Knuesel

RECORD NEW YORK | *Tokyo Edition
Shot and recorded at Haden Books on April 20, 2016

Song: Let the sigh run through
Artist: Shunji Yamada (

A Film by: Stephan Knuesel (
Sound Mix: Alex Weston(
Production: Thom Pictures (
Filmed at Haden Books (

RECORD NEW YORK is a series created by documentary filmmaker Stephan Knuesel


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