“Chatori Shimizu is a composer and sound artist. He compares his work as a breathing organism which uses repetitive patterns of sound motifs. He likes to play the shō – a traditional Japanese instrument consisting of 17 slender bamboo pieces – in order to get into a composition mindset. Chatori used to live in New York and only recently moved to Pitsburgh for a Fellowship. He visits the city for projects a few times a year. The last time we met up for lunch in Harlem, he brought along the shō. He was quite busy, so I was happy that he could make some time for a quick after lunch Record New York session by the FDR Drive. Enjoy!” –Stephan Knuesel

Shot and recorded in East Harlem on June 18, 2017

Song: Othello
Artist: Chatori Shimizu (

A Film by: Stephan Knuesel (
Sound Mix: J. Allen (
Production: Thom Pictures (

RECORD NEW YORK is a series created by documentary filmmaker Stephan Knuesel


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