Meet pianist Salome Scheidegger. She was born in Japan to Swiss parents, later raised in Switzerland and now residing in New York City. While she was classically trained since childhood, she recently shifted to a more modern genre: game music! She toured with the game music ensemble Critical Hit and violinist Taylor Davis. I was introduced to Salome at a Swiss event here in New York. I am always curious about the lives of fellow Swiss New Yorkers. A few weeks later we met up in Dumbo where we found a lovely little piano store called Absolute Piano. We recorded her playing the Japanese movie theme “My Neighbor Totoro” off her new album PLAY. I was really moved by Salome’s performance, and it is wonderful to see how her creative career is coming full circle with her childhood in Japan. She will go on tour again with Taylor Davis this year. You should go see them if you can and also check out her new album. In the meantime enjoy this short film we made for you. –Stephan Knuesel

Shot and recorded at ABSOLUTE PIANO in Dumbo, Brooklyn on December 12, 2015

Song: “My Neighbor Totoro” (Written by Joe Hisaishi, Arrangement: Alex Weston)
Artist: Salome Scheidegger (

A Film by: Stephan Knuesel (
Translation: Naoko Tsuzuki, Maya Hayashi
Sound Mix: J.Allen (
Production: Thom Pictures (

RECORD NEW YORK is a series created by filmmaker Stephan Knuesel