“In early April 2016, I spontaneously decided to go to Japan for 10 days and shoot a handful of live music videos with young and passionate musicians from Tokyo. It was my first visit after shooting & distributing our Swiss / Japanese documentary “Negative: Nothing”. The result of the journey is captured in “Record New York | Tokyo Edition”, which I will release between June and September 2016. The series launches with human beatboxer Rinka. She won the Japan Beatbox Championship in 2015. Like most artists on this trip, I emailed her out of the blue a few days before the shoot. I was really honored that she agreed to be a part of the show. She suggested to meet up in Asakusa. Beatboxing in the presence of Tokyo’s oldest temple seemed like a wonderful contrast between image and sound. Enjoy the first piece “Can I Kick It” performed by Rinka!” –Stephan Knuesel

RECORD NEW YORK | *Tokyo Edition
Shot and recorded in ASAKUSA on April 20, 2016

Song: “Can I Kick It”
Artist: Rinka (

A Film by: Stephan Knuesel (
Translation: Naoko Tsuzuki
Sound Mix: J.Allen (
Production: Thom Pictures (

RECORD NEW YORK is a series created by filmmaker Stephan Knuesel




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